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Whether you’re a current, former, or soon-to-be resident or a family member, we’d love to hear from you!

I love the aides. I like my housekeeper. I love the safety checks I get from all the aides. It makes me feel so very safe. I love it here. I never imagined that I could be in such a warm and welcoming place.
My sister is in a place of love. Everyone is so nice and caring.
Thank you Marcus and the rest at Susan Bailis. Ms. Isabelle had the best time of her life here.
Just a little note to let you know how grateful you make us feel for all you do.
Susan Bailis is a very comfortable place with good food and good people.
I appreciate all that you (Doug), Mariann (Executive Director), and the community have done to keep the residents safe. You’ve done (and are doing) a remarkable job.
There's just something special about this community!
My life has been so enriched since I moved to Susan Bailis. The care has helped me to be so confident and safe.
In these uncertain times it makes me happy to know that I'm in a place that goes over and above to keep up safe.
Visitors are always treated with respect and a warm smile.
Chef is so good about what residents eat and how it's prepared.
It's the best place to live if you are not in your family home.
They take good care of all the residents during these most recent uncertain times. Glad I'm here.
Thank you for all that you and the Susan Bailis Team have done to help my father and all residents during this crazy crazy year.
We have loved Susan Bailis. Susan Bailis has been a wonderful spot for Larry. We really appreciate how attentive you and the team have been to Larry.
I know that we have said it on more than one occasion, but we thank you and the staff at Susan Bailis for helping us take care of mom. She truly loved being there and was so proud to have her own apartment. We have been through many challenges with her (as you well know) and that one thing that stands out was the exceptional care that Susan Bailis provided for her.
I visited Susan Bailis. That place was to die for with a cute setup. The room was a one-bedroom with a living room. The people were very nice. The sitting area was very quaint, and it smelled good in there. It’s a fairly new place. The staff was excellent, especially the woman at the front door. They had underground parking, so visitors could stay as long as we want. I love it.
I know Martha is very happy that she has taken up residence at Susan Bailis. It is always difficult to have to leave one’s home, but your team worked to make it a much easier task for Martha. Thank you. I was thrilled to see her new home has been made so comfortable for her. I too am thrilled that she has chosen your community because it is located in our home town and has so many people from the same community – this provides an environment that is familiar for her as a local resident. What is even better is your staff provides truly sincere, kind spirited and professional care. When I walk into visit, I am always greeted with a smiling receptionist and someone who makes me feel they are delighted to see I am there to see Martha. When I walk down the hall, I find a place filled with delightful people, both staff and residents. The standard of care that I’ve seen being provided to Martha is so reassuring to both Martha and me. Thank you again.
They take great care of my family member. He enjoys the aides, chef/food, nursing and exec team members. It’s my experience that everyone is approachable and responsive.
It was a wonderful experience all the way around for my uncle.
The independence that this community has given me is remarkable!
Your Maintenance Assistant was absolutely wonderful when my mom cracked the adapter on her chair Saturday morning – he called me to tell me the situation, and even looked up replacement models on the Web. When I told him we had a replacement in my mother’s closet, he looked for it in the closet, found it, replaced the old adapter and the chair worked. Then he called me to assure me that the job was done.
I never thought life would be so good until I came to live here.
Thanks for sending the photos capturing the birthday celebration that Susan Bailis, under your capable leadership, held to recognize my mother’s 100th birthday. I spoke to my mother this evening and she really enjoyed herself and was so pleased that in addition to family, many of her Susan Bailis neighbors and residents attended. Hosting the birthday party was very thoughtful and speaks volumes about the quality and type of caring community Susan Bailis Assisted Living is.
I really am impressed by the quality of care and caring you all provide.
Many thanks! I am enjoying living here. Staff are capable and caring, other residents are warm and friendly.
I like the atmosphere and people. Residents are friendly, and staff is reassuring but not obtrusive. It’s the best place to be without being in your own place!
I appreciate all the help members of your staff provided during the transfer of some furniture in my apartment, yesterday. I replaced my bed with a smaller one, giving me more usable space. There were important details and organization which were handled cheerfully and expertly by the Concierge, Maintenance Director, and Doug. They helped make what could have been a difficult task for me quick and easy.
They are taking good care of my brother in law and his needs here at this community. It is a great place, and we know he is in good hands here. They have a lovely staff here, they have been very good to him. The community is very nice and clean. There are nice activities offered for the residents. He is safe here, and being cared for well here. I would recommend it.